The purpose of life is to fight maturity.
- Dick Werthimer

Is it too late for International Lipstick day? 😕💋 (at The University of Sydney)
Having dessert after finally having the birthday dinner he promised me back in 2013! One year late but it still counts LOL (at San Churro Parramatta)
Tunnel vision 😍 (at Mr Crackles)
Best belated birthday present ever! ♥️♥️♥️ (at The Lion King - Musical)
Dreams came true tonight! Thank you, Mother Dearest! 😍 (at The Lion King - Capitol Theatre Sydney)
Mi amor 💏
So hard to get a serious photo with this boy 😘
KBBQ Birthday Date for my 19th yesterday ☺️  (at TK Something)
I wouldn’t be the 19 year old I am today if it wasn’t for my mum. She has been my #1 supporter from day 1 and my whole life is thanks to her.  (at Thai Benja)
Spending my birthday dinner with my family and the faves ☺️ couldn’t be happier! (at Thai Benja)
The greatest gift my dad ever received on his birthday was me! No exchanges, no refunds HAHAHA jk. Happy 44th birthday Dad! Love you ♥️ (at Starbucks Mount Druitt)
Greatest gift my dad ever received on his birthday was me! HAHAHAHA jk. Happy birthday dad! Love you 😘 (at Starbucks Coffee)
Mi Amiga~! 💃
Cheat day, all day, errday!  (at Paper Plane Cafe)
Waited 4 months for this day! ♥️ my qurliez!  (at Paper Plane Cafe)